Many of us grew up under the impression that internal stuff shouldn’t be discussed – it should be swept under the rug. This is perhaps the single worst thing you can do for yourself. Stamping down your emotions and not working through your psychological issues – especially serious pain or abuse in the past – can culminate in a host of problems.
— Alice G. Walton

I believe healing happens in the context of connection with another person where you can be yourself, when you feel valued and listened to, and even loved. Connecting with a therapist can be a way into the healing you desire and deserve. In therapy, we can look at all parts of you, and invite those parts in to chat, or perhaps to make some art. When all parts of you are allowed to be seen, heard and cared for by a kind professional (and yourself), a shift happens.

That shift is part of the healing.

I believe healing can happen for you.




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